Bubble beer for beastkin,
Trouble tea for trolls,
Crinkle-cake for kobolds,
Dark Ganache for gnolls.

Doesn’t matter where you rumble,
Doesn’t matter who you roll,
You will always have a barrel
At Tavern, Barrel, and Bowl!

Two cartoonish goblins drink beer. They are cross-eyed. Between them, a huge, barrel-like jug of beer glows with inner light.
Tavern, Barrel, and Bowl. Source: MidJourney



(Look-y through the Looking Glass,
Look-y at the Play.)

The look-y lens,
It peers and sees,
Blinks, and blinking
Turns night to day.

She settles in her smoky room,
Posing on one knee.
Waiting for the sun to burst
She smiles for the Glass.

In that blast of light I catch
A sight I seldom see:
The Look-y Man, looking at her,
Beyond the camera flash.

A short cloth-creature hoists an old-timey camera at the viewer. In the focused background is a lush landscape with thin trees and bright pink flower petals. A small creature lingers in the distance, watching.
The Looking Glass. Photo by author

The Looking Glass, poem, 2022.



Tossing towers from mountaintops
Shaking rivers
Spilling over like oil lines
Into cracked ocean beds and reefs.
The thunderer shapes cloudhulls from
Shattering sunrise
Sprinkling fog like morning mist over tectonic plates and molten magma.
His bellowing heel smashes earth from
Spreading lightning
Seeking thunder like magnets
Between islands broken under his shrieking sky.

Zeus, Greek god of thunder. Lightning wreaths his form. Clouds wrap his neck and drape his shoulders. He has white hair and dark skin. His eyes are closed. A band wraps his forehead — a crown? Hints of gold curl around his exposed chest.
The Thunderer. Source: MidJourney

The Thunderer, Poem, 2022.




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