Floating Nudes, Mind Control, and the 21st-Century Superbomb

Taking ownership of my new, permanent normal.

The brain at work. Source: author.

Floating Nudes

Right now, I have dozens of lovely photos, ranging from intolerably awkward to scandalously uncouth, zipping around socials like Facebook and Grindr.

Mind Control

An estimated 50% of my wants originate from a marketing team huddled in Silicon Valley. These wants have nothing to do with my needs or long-term goals; these are not my brain-children; nevertheless, I want.

A Simple Equation

A thought problem: what do you get when you combine floating nudes with mind control? What do you get when you combine total transparency and digital records with monkey brains and Netflix’s marketing department?

  • Feeding it to my hungry blog.
  • Practicing vulnerability, which I patently suck at.
  • Aligning my digital self with my physical self, empowering me to accurately diagnose my strengths weaknesses and plan accordingly.
Feeding the hungry blog. Source: author.



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